The questions people love to ask

How to install it in Kontakt? Where is my serial number?

Our products are third party libraries. They aren't Kontakt Player licensed, they won't have serial numbers, and in that case you do not need to go to Add Library on Libraries tab, at all. Or use Native Access.

Just load them from the Files browser instead, and/or add them to your Quickload. If samples are missing, you need to batch resave each and every library that pops up with that Samples missing dialog. We personally recommend you to use Quick Load function.

My download links aren’t working/have expired

Downloading links will expire seven days after the link is sent in an Email to provide reliability and safety of your purchase. If you need to reset the downloading links, please, contact us. We will reset your downloading links or resend you all the notifications again.

NKS compatibility

Keepforest's products are not fully NKS compatible at this moment.

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