Ferrum - Modern Metallic Percussion


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Modern Metallic Percussion
FERRUM is the Keepforest's brand new metallic percussion library. Huge variety of expertly processed metallic sounds from tiny ringing forks to massive brutal anvils, accompanied by a cutting-edge step sequencer and a time-saver stage placement module, all make Ferrum the go-to choice for metallic sounds and an overall easy to use instrument for modern production.

The interface is carefully developed and crafted by sound designers of Keepforest, providing an essential understanding of what modern composers and sound designers need. Even those who are only at the start of their journey will find Ferrum to be highly intuitive, optimized for fluent workflow and easy to use.

Ferrum - Full Edition

The Full Edition patches include a total of 250+ notes, each of which has 16 round-robins with several mic positions as well as velocity layers resulting in 25,000+ unique hand-crafted metallic samples of the highest quality at your disposal.

Patches included in v1.0.0:

-     Factory Hall Ensemble Kit - car parts, sheet metals, industrial crowbars and pipes recorded in a huge factory hall with massive natural reverb;
-     Anvils From Hell Kit - aggressive huge-sounding anvils recorded and designed to enhance and cut through any mix;
-     Explosive Doors Kit - shattering explosion-like metallic doors impacts recorded and processed to sound brutal and powerful;
-     Metallic Trailer Hits Kit - powerful trailer hits of the highest quality Keepforest is known for;
-     Patches of 100+ various metals - from low to ultra-high, from rusty to ringing, from small to massive - vast amount of metallic sounds for modern procution;
-     Patches of 50+ metallic foley sounds - toolboxes, dumbbells, lighters, coins - everything you need to add life to your mixes.

Even more metallic sounds and patches will be coming via Free Updates for Ferrum - Full Edition users based on their feedback, expanding the library even further, providing composers and sound-designers with metallic sounds for years.

Ferrum - Free Edition

The Free Edition consists of hand-picked metallic percussion samples that introduce the potential of the library. Feel free to try the sounds out before bying to get familiar with the product and let us know what you think!

Product Information
Tech Specs

WAV FORMAT 48 khz / 24 bit
5.56 GB Disk Space
Supported Host Application
NI Kontakt 6.0.2+

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