Evolution: Devastator


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You asked for more, and we listened. Now, we are pleased to announce our newest addition to the Evolution series - The Devastator Action Twisted Industrial Toolkit. This toolkit is the next step in the Keepforest Evolution Signature Series, which has established itself in the world of professional composers and sound designers. More than a year of works, Devastator Industrial Toolkit is the product of a meticulous design concept and contains a careful selection of unique samples. The all-new Devastator incorporates everything you need for full-fledged and high-quality works, ranging from classic, metal and hybrid hits, ending with Round Robin pulses and playable presets of braams necessary for hybrid, dark trailer sound designs, as well as for composing soundtracks. .

For this product, we recorded nearly 200 original industrial samples, from the sounds of working massive machines at the factory to the sounds of passing trains and every machine driven sound between. Then each sound went through a detailed, high-quality processing, which allowed us to get an amazing set of unique, hybrid and modern sounds. Our team believes that your next track will sound richer and bolder with this cutting edge toolkit. 


Colin Root - Producer and sound designer. 

Arseni Khodzin - Producer and mixing engineer

Evolution: Devastator

01. Hits
52 Classic Hits
57 Metallic Hits
43 Hybrid Hits
24 Acoustic Hits
43 Short Hits

02. Percussion
26 Kicks
17 Snares
37 Cymbals RR
35 Punch Percussions
55 High Percussions
21 Noise RR Percussions

03. Sound FXs
68 Booms
88 Whooshes
122 Risers
59 Downers
31 Organic Rolls and Hits
125 Noise FXs

04. Playable
55 Tonal FXs
126 Synths
61 Pulses

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